Top 10 Books To Read On Period

Top 10 Books To Read On Period

If it’s your time of the month and you feel down, I have the perfect solution for you. Try reading one of the books in this list - or all of them if you’re into it. It will help you learn more about your period and how to make the most of it.


Period Power

Hormones from the menstrual cycle have a profound influence on our energy, temperament, and behavior. However, we are frequently informed that our hormones make us untrustworthy or that dealing with 'women's issues' is our life's job. Maisie Hill, a women's health practitioner, recognizes the significance of dealing with the menstrual cycle but disagrees with this position. Instead, Maisie believes that our hormones exist to serve us and, when used correctly, may help us achieve our life objectives. Yes, we're hormonal, and that’s  fantastic! This ground-breaking book discusses how to take control of your menstrual cycle and introduces The Cycle Strategy to help us function optimally.


The Optimized Woman

Finally, a book that shows us how to harness the power of our cyclical nature! Miranda Gray has given us a vital guide to understanding how the varying (sometimes regarded as inferior) character of women's skills can, in reality, be an invaluable tool to women and society as a whole. In this book, you'll learn how to achieve success while embracing your menstrual cycle. We can have days of heightened talents and capabilities during the menstrual cycle, and when we are aware of these peak times, we can use them realistically to go ahead and  achieve and build the life we desire. Every month is a new chance to live life to the fullest and realize our maximum potential.

Blood Magic: The Anthropology of Menstruation

This book redefines the anthropological study of menstruation rituals by looking at different groups, such as long-house dwellers in North Borneo, African farmers, Welsh housewives, and postindustrial American workers. It questions the conventional perception of a global menstrual taboo and the underlying notion of universal female inferiority. It is of particular value for people interested in anthropology, women's studies, religion, and comparative health systems. It adds fresh material and perspectives to our knowledge of comparative gender politics and symbols.


Flow: The Cultural Story of Menstruation

If you want to learn all there is to know about menstruation, Flow has you covered: from religious cleansing baths to menopause, hysteria to hysterectomies—not to mention the Pill, pains, the history of underwear, and the film about puberty they showed you in fifth school. 

It's Only Blood, Shattering The Taboo Of Menstruation

Menstruation affects many individuals worldwide, but it is still viewed as a source of shame. We're advised not to talk about it in public, that tampons and sanitary pads should be stowed away, and that the blood should be rendered invisible. Poverty, culture, and religion all clash in many regions of the world, leading the taboo around menstruation to have profound implications. Younger menstruating people are discouraged from attending school, adults from working, and infections go untreated. 

Anna Dahlqvist's It's Only Blood reveals the horrific but always compelling stories of why and how individuals worldwide are fighting back against shame.

Period: Twelve Voices Tell the Bloody Truth

Twelve authors share their unique experiences and perspectives about menstruation. The pieces usually discuss the ongoing stigma associated with periods, as well as the efforts being taken to eradicate them. The pieces are united in their focus on a topic that spans social, economic, and cultural lines, but the writers further widen the material by incorporating their own unique insights.


Periods Gone Public: Taking a Stand for Menstrual Equity 

Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, the Bren­nan Center's VP for Devel­op­ment, investigates why periods have become a prominent political concern in Peri­ods Gone Public. Menstruation is no longer something to be ashamed of, thanks to the repeal of the "tampon tax" and the passage of new rules that provide access to affordable, safe goods. Weiss-Wolf discusses her direct experience in the struggle for "menstrual equity," by introducing the leaders, trailblazers, and everyday people who are effecting change. In addition, she challenges readers to confront stigma hard on and advance an agenda that recognizes both the power  and the utter normality  of menstruation.


Period Positive: Reframe Your Thinking And Reshape The Future Of Menstruation

This educational, irreverent, and fascinating book answers all of your period-related issues, including why they're taboo (and why they don't have to be) and how to negotiate the entire bleeding thing, from first periods to fertility, euphemisms to uteruses, menstrual products to menopause.

Chella Quint, the creator of the Period Positive movement and a menstruation researcher, provides candid, humorous, and insightful responses.


In the FLO: A 28-Day Plan Working with Your Monthly Cycle to Do More and Stress Less

How women may increase their productivity, happiness, and physical well-being by understanding and working with their natural cycles. Flo teaches women how to use their 28-day cycle to enhance their lives by using their internal clock and natural rhythms to influence time management, food, exercise, and other aspects of their lives. It's amazing how easy and underutilized this is. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense: you have varied energy levels at different times of the month, different libido levels, etc., so why not schedule tasks for when you are at your most productive, and recognize when you need greater emotional connection with others?


If you want to learn more about the intriguing history of menstruation and understand your body and mind better during your period. I recommend that you stop what you're doing and read those books right now!

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