Our Mission

The Iris + Arlo offer is thoughtful products. Products that are healthy, practical, aesthetic and have a lower impact on the environment. We want to accompany people with menstruation at all stages, from menarche to menopause.

19 Billion

single-use menstrual products are consumed each year in the US.

500-800 years

for a menstrual pad to decompose.

771 248 400

is the estimated amount of menstrual products ending up in landfills every year in Canada.

Ending Period Poverty

Iris + Arlo fights against period poverty by giving back products to people in need. Thanks to our strategic partnerships with organizations, we will distribute products to more than 70 organizations in Quebec in our first months of operation.

For our single-use products, we have chosen the most ecological materials possible to reduce their environmental impact.

Volatile organic compounds

VOCs appear to cause eczema and increase the risk of asthma.


They could have a direct impact on breast cancer.

Bisphenols and triclocarban

They are associated with endocrine and reproductive effects.


They can raise a number of issues, including neurological diseases and disorders, reproductive and developmental disorders, and cancers.


They can cause reproductive and developmental problems, damage the immune system, interfere with the hormonal system and cause cancer.


They can affect the development and function of the cardiovascular, reproductive and endocrine systems, and high exposure to them has been associated with endometriosis, tumours and ovulation disorders.

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