Important change to the Canada Labour Code

From December 15, 2023, federally-regulated workplaces will be required to offer their employees free period products and receptacles for their disposal.

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Enhance Your Customer Experience With Better Facilities

Did you know that 100% of people with menstruation are likely to have difficulty accessing period products due to the unpredictability of menstruation and the unavailability of these products in public toilets?

Source: Conseil du statut de la femme (2021)

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Small Gestures That Mean A Lot For People With Menstruation

By offering free period products in your washrooms, you reduce stress, increase the feel-good factor and contribute to the overall well-being of the people who use your facilities.

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Iris + Arlo's Benefits

  • Healthy And Natural Products

    Select the type of products you want to offer and the type of dispensers that best suit your needs. Order in one click on our platform or subscribe to never run out!
  • Show Your Colors

    Want to share your initiative? Iris + Arlo will provide you with a seal that you can display on your website, your service offers, etc.
  • Communication Tools

    To make it easy for you to share your participation in the movement with your community and your team, we will send you comprehensive communication tools.

  • Impact Report

    Include your contribution in your ESG report. Iris + Arlo will provide you with a summary of your social and environmental impact.
  • Educational Material For Your Teams

    Unlimited access to the Iris + Arlo online content library.
  • Reduction Of Period Poverty

    With each purchase, Iris + Arlo donates period products to people in need. Double your impact by pre-ordering your products through.
Easy as 1,2,3
  • The 3 types of Iris + Arlo dispensers. There's an example of a metal dispenser, a Plexiglas dispenser and a cardboard dispenser. This is part of our B2B turnkey solution.

    1. Choose your dispenser

    (metal - plexi - carton)

  • Single-use products such as menstrual pads and tampons are ideal for Iris + Arlo dispensers.

    2. Add refills

  • 3. Share your feedback with us


Participating in the Iris + Arlo project means taking one step closer to gender equality.

Marie-Helene David, CEO, Myni

Bravo and long live this young local company, which wants to help destigmatize menstruation. In addition to creating healthy products, the educational aspects and their desire to reduce menstrual insecurity among young people particularly touched me.

Christiane Germain, Co-Founder, Germain Hôtels

Iris + Arlo embodies values that appeal to me: fairness, and social and environmental responsibility. I want to join the movement and help "change the rules" to make
a better world.

Selena Lu, Partner, Lavery

Changing your period takes courage, conviction and allies. Menstrual precarity is a real issue, and at bicom, a woman-owned company, we were already offering menstrual products. We firmly believe that by uniting our voices with all participating companies, we'll inspire others to follow suit.

Vicky Boudreau, Co-Founder & Managing Director, bicom, b nation

It's great to see women entrepreneurs working to improve the status of women. In 2023, it's more than a must to have tools like Iris + Arlo in your business.

Thomas Ferland-Dionne, Co-Founder, Boîte Pac

It's Time For A Change. Period.