Living Well In Your Body

Living Well In Your Body

Loving yourself a little, a lot, passionately, easier said than done? Down with the dictatorship of the skinny body that we see on TV, on the catwalk or in magazines. For a few years now, the body positive movement, which advocates self-acceptance and the enhancement of all body types, has been spreading everywhere. What does this movement actually represent? How do you learn to live well in your body? Iris + Arlo's team guides you through this process of acceptance. 

What Is "Body Positive"?

While many movements have existed in history to liberate women from the diktats of society, the body positivy was able to be heard by the majority later. It is indeed from 1996 when two Americans, Elisabeth Scott and Connie Sobczak, created the association "The Body Positive".

The objective?  To set up an organization that would guide women to detach themselves from the injunctions of society by promoting the acceptance of all morphologies. Far from being insignificant, this organization has had a positive and lasting impact on the demystification of women's bodies in society.

The message? All bodies have value. All of them. Yes, really all. 

The little plus? Beyond the morphological aspect of the body, this movement has extended to other injunctions: pilosity, stretch marks, menstruation, skin color, post-partum, and the list goes on. Because our body is our home, because it carries our successes, our failures, our struggles, because there are as many bodies as there are human beings, because it is unique, we must cherish it day after day. But to help us begin this process of acceptance, it is essential that the world around us also engage in more inclusiveness.

The Impact Of Body Positivity In The Media

Because it was urgent to change the perception of the woman's body in society, the body positive had a major impact that was reflected in the media. The big magazines started to shake up their codes to be in agreement with the demands of the society. Round women on the cover, less and less photoshopped skin imperfections, inclusive articles, time is changing. The singer Aya Nakamura was the first cover of Vogue France (formerly Vogue Paris) in November 2021.  It's a cover that may seem lambda but it reveals several messages on its own: an urban, black woman who represents the freedom to dress, do her hair and makeup as she wishes on the cover of Vogue? Iconic!

On social media, the movement has also grown. 18 million is the number of times #bodypositive has been shared on Instagram, proof that this movement will continue to grow to make way for more inclusivity.

In music, books or on television is the same dynamic. There is still a long way to go, but the most important thing is to have started the road towards global inclusiveness in our media, thus opening the door to a society more in tune with its body.


How to live better in your body day after day?

Being body positive is not an easy task. It will be a progressive and daily work to begin this process of acceptance which requires to untie these negative ideas about your body. However, a few tools can help you to gently unburden yourself.


Getting To Know Your Body, In Every Corner

Have you ever taken the time to observe your body? Not just look at it quickly. Really observe it, get to know it. Put yourself in front of a mirror and observe it. Zone by zone, try to get past what you don't like, and declare a quality on those areas you used to point at. Learn to convert critical thinking into kind thinking, he needs compliments too!


Little Tips For Everyday Life

  • Listen to yourself. Don't force yourself to do things you don't want to do. Follow your instinct, your state of mind for the day. Makeup, hair, outfit, whether you go for the practical option or the quirky look, you are free to choose!
  • Love yourself. Choose clothes you feel good in. Because body positivity is all about feeling good about yourself every day, choose a look that gives you the confidence you need to face your day. 
  • Protect yourself. Surround yourself with positive people who will support you in this process of acceptance. Because self-confidence is also (somewhat) a function of the way people look at you, it's essential to be surrounded by people who will help you reach your full potential in a healthy, positive way.
  • Detoxify. Step away from social media for a while and reconnect with yourself. It's a good way to get away from that slick image on social media and let go.


Instagram Accounts To Follow

Because Instagram is full of "perfect" photos, the social network also features influencers who try to break these diktats. With humor and passion, these women will brighten up your daily life.

@thegingerchloé,the French influencer who has created a community of over 210K people by affirming her differences and demystifying society's diktats about the body. Light, engaging, spontaneous, her content will help you reconnect with your body gently through her advice and experience.


@celestebarber is an Australian comedian who will make you laugh until you cry. She breaks the codes of social networks by parodying videos found on Instagram. She takes with humor famous photos to highlight the reality behind the perfect window that social networks sell.


@thebirdspapaya, a Canadian mom who demystifies clichés on Instagram by posting unfiltered photos. Assuming her imperfections in front of an audience of over 2 million people, Sarah Nicole Landry offers a worthy showcase for the body positive movement.


@danaemercer, you may have already come across her shots somewhere. This journalist has done many "before and after" photos to show the tricks of the influencers to show a "perfect" body on social networks. Arching back, stretched legs, raised bust, simple techniques that give a different look to the photos and thus create illusions.


Ultimately, the goal is not to be this way or that way, it's to be happy in body and mind, or as the famous saying goes "A healthy mind in a healthy body." In a digital society where we are exposed to a huge flow of information and images, appearances sometimes seem to take over the being, it is easier to be complexed.e because we compare ourselves to images often retouched and false, which do not reflect reality. Accepting yourself as you are in all your beauty is important because the sooner you do, the sooner you will be happy and free!  

Iris + Arlo's favorite: the song Corps by the singer Yseult, an ode to self-acceptance that will move you.


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