An Orgasm Is The Best Way To Relieve Period Pain

An Orgasm Is The Best Way To Relieve Period Pain

Is it that time of the month again? Are you experiencing menstrual cramps once more? Don't worry; I've got just the thing for you: orgasms! Yes, that's right, orgasms during menstruation can help relieve period pain. Continue reading to learn how to explore your desires during menstruation and how it might benefit you.


Orgasms Can Help You Cope With Period Pain

The shifting estrogen levels during menstruation can stimulate libido, which is why we feel horny during our periods. Don't hesitate to follow your desires, whether by yourself, with a sex toy or with a partner. Orgasm is very beneficial when it comes to your menstruation. As we approach the climax, many chemicals are released. Namely, dopamine and endorphins. Dopamine is a brain chemical that helps in the processing of pain. Consider it nature's painkiller: producing dopamine increases our pain tolerance. This mood-enhancing hormone released during orgasm is also effective in treating period pains so that you can put your pain medication down. Many patients who suffer from menstrual migraines have discovered that after having an orgasm, their headaches disappear. Other forms of pain, such as the back pain that many menstruators suffer after their period, can be relieved by this hormonal change. Endorphins work as neurotransmitters that help you to cope with pain and stress. So having an orgasm during your period might make you feel more relaxed and happy. 


It Helps Shorten Your Period

As mentioned in our article "Sex during periods" having an orgasm can help make periods end quicker. No, you're not hallucinating; it's actually true. Orgasms produce the hormone oxytocin, which regulates our uterus. During an orgasm, oxytocin helps our uterus contract, and as our uterus contracts, blood is pushed out. Just so you know, period blood works well as a natural lubricant. As a consequence, it might not be as uncomfortable as other periods of your cycle when you engage in sexual activity. Menstrual blood will give the ideal quantity of lubrication, allowing you to simultaneously experience pleasure and pain relief! Isn't that simply ideal?


Is It Safe to Have Sexual Activity During Your Period? 

You may be thinking that any sexual behavior during your menstruation is "dirty." It's normal, this topic has long been considered taboo in our society, and many are embarrassed to discuss it. There is no scientific proof that sexual behavior during menstruation is harmful, and menstruation blood is no more dirty or dangerous than blood from any other part of the body. If having sex during your period seems weird, although it's totally a normal act, you can always masturbate. 

Now that you know that sexual behavior is completely fine during menstruation, here are a few tips to keep things clean. 


How To Keep Things Clean  

If you believe menstrual sex will be too messy, it's natural to be concerned. If you're having sexual activity during your period, it's a good idea to have a towel on hands. Place the towel beneath you to preserve your bedding. Use a dark-colored towel since it will not stain as quickly. You can also prevent the mess by masturbating or having sexual intercourse in the shower. 

Another way to be less messy is using menstrual disks. They sit higher up in our vaginal canals (by our cervix), preventing blood from flowing down to where you may put toys, fingers, or your plus one. Some people even claim that having intercourse while wearing a menstrual disk is more pleasurable because it puts pressure on their G-spot. Remember that menstruation disks  aren't contraception and that you're still fertile when on your period. 

Keep wet wipes on hand to clean up after you're done. Remember to clean your fingers, sex toys, and any other object you use after masturbating, even if you're not on your period. To avoid bloodstains, don't use vaginal douching; it can irritate and raise the risk of vaginal infections. 

If you want to orgasm with a partner without engaging in period sex, you could always try mutual masturbating. Remember to stay safe when masturbating with a companion. You should apply protection even if there is no penetration during a mutual masturbation session. Also, you can still get pregnant if you're on your period since there are no safe days in your cycle. You should also ensure that you and your partner are free of STIs. This will allow you to enjoy yourself and your companion without worrying about anything.

Participating in any sexual activity while on your period is perfectly natural and even more delightful. Now that you're aware of all the advantages of orgasms during menstruation, avoid the pain relievers the next time you're experiencing period discomfort. You already know what to do.



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